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Meet Your Host Dena Farash

Dena is a Mom, the founder of The Mindful Mom Revolution, Energy Healer and Speaker. Her mission is to empower Moms to do inner work on themselves to feel healed and whole by means of meditation and mindfulness. She does this by being transparent in her own life and mothering journey; talking about the great and the moments that may have not been so great. Motherhood is raw and real, and Dena teaches how to navigate the emotional coaster that can come with being a Mom, with grace and compassion, and a dose of unapologetic self care!

She is a leader of women who want to transform their Motherhood journeys through Mind, Body, and Soul work. She has worked with hundreds of Mothers and has helped them to reconnect with who and how they show up as an individual. She has over 10 years of helping women and 5 years experience dedicated to solely working with Mothers to bring about positive change in their lives and, by proxy, the lives of their families.

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